Fully automatic people counting with the Entry-Light created by Connfair. While you can concentrate on your event - our Entry-Light takes care of the counting. With the additional smartphone app you always have a complete overview.

  • Plug & Play-Sys­tem
  • Suitable outdoors
  • Umfang­rei­che Aus­wer­tun­gen

Berich­tet haben unter ande­rem…

  • Voll­au­to­ma­tisch
  • Per­so­nen­zäh­lung
  • Aus­las­tungs­steue­rung
  • Indi­vi­du­ell kon­fi­gu­rier­bar
  • Umfang­rei­ches Nut­zer­ma­nage­ment
  • Plug & Play-Sys­tem
  • Ampel­sys­tem
  • Signal­ton 
  • WLAN o. LTE-Vari­ante
  • Suitable outdoors
  • Ein­lass­ma­nage­ment
  • Cloud-Syn­chro­ni­sa­tion
  • Meh­rere Ein- und Aus­gänge
  • Zusätz­li­che Smart­phone-App
  • Schnell ein­setz­bar
  • Aus­las­tungs­an­zeige
  • Detail­lierte Aus­wer­tun­gen
  • Online-Moni­to­ring
  • Interfaces
  • Erwei­ter­ba­res Sys­tem

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There are admission restrictions for shops, museums, outdoor swimming pools and more in almost every federal state. Regulations often stipulate that the number of people in a certain area must be restricted.

The Connfair Entry-Light takes over the counting of your customers fully automatically by built-in light barrier. Thanks to constant synchronization with the Connfair cloud systems, the use of several Entry-Lights is possible without any problems and the current utilization can be displayed via interface in your own homepage.

The device simply requires power and can be put into operation via plug&play without any construction measures. With the optionally available All-Net LTE SIM card you do not even need a network connection.

With the Connfair Admintool and the Counter-App you continue to have a complete overview: You can view statisticsand adjust the configuration, for example if regulations change at short notice.

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Your advantages

Ready for immediate use

The device is delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation within minutes - only a power connection is required. If you have not selected the optionally available LTE variant, an internet connection must be provided.

One of our experts will be pleased to assist you with the installation to ensure a reliable count.

Optionally combinable

You can combine our Entry-Lights as you wish. You can either use an Entry-Light as a standalone solution, several Entry-Lights as a complete solution, or a combination of Entry-Lights and Counter-Apps.

Do you have complex requirements like a one-way street regulation or do you need an additional advance reservation of your visitors? Or are you still unsure whether the Entry-Light is suitable for you? Our experts will be happy to provide you with their unbinding and free advice on this subject.

Simple and comprehensible usage

The entire system is designed for a simple, mobile and intuitive use. The traffic light system used is familiar from daily use and easy to understand. Should someone nevertheless disregard the red traffic light, an acoustic warning signal will sound .

On the operator's side, simple and speedy commissioning as well as simple and easily understandable self-services are available in order to quickly configure the device and make adjustments. Of course, we are also available to you by telephone .

Counter-App & Admintool

With the Coun­ter-App available for iOS and Android you always have a complete overview of your occupancy. That way, you are able to adjust configurations at short notice and have insight into statistics. A manual use of our Entry-Light system via app is already possible while the Entry-Light is still on its way to you.

Per every Entry-Light bought you'll get five users for the Counter-App and the Admintool free of charge.

What our customers say

We were positively surprised by how quickly the system was ready for use. We have now been gaining experience with it for three weeks and are very satisfied with the Entry-Light.


Science Museum Wolfsburg

In order to get an exact overview of the number of customers in the market, we have selected the Connfair Entry-Light for our largest market in Nastätten. Decisive criteria for Connfair were consulting, price/performance and a flexible working team. Prompt delivery, installation and instruction included.

Hardware store Steeg

Hans Burg­hardt Mül­ler, Manager

The greatest advantage of the measuring system to us is the high protection level of the hardware and the reliable, fully automatic people counting. With the integrated capacity display on the homepage, outdoor pool visitors can already see from home whether the outdoor pool still has free capacity or whether the visitor maximum has already been reached.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Kulmbuch

Public utility company Kulmbach

This is how the admission system of Connfair works

Cloud based

Take advantage of all the benefits of a centrally integrated system - without having to worry about servers and maintenance. Several devices can be combined without any problems.

Suitable outdoors

The splash-proof and LTE-capable unit is perfectly suited for outdoor use. Robust construction according to industry standards.

No construction measures

The intuitive operation allows easy commissioning without any construction measures. All you have to do is set up the device and connect it to the grid.

Counter-App inclusive

With the Counter-App and the browser-based Admintool you will receive advanced configurations and analysis options.


Get a wide range of analysis options for current and historical data such as the number of people per day and much more.


The Entry-Lights are constantly synchronized with the Connfair cloud. If a device should fail, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification.


The flexible Connfair admission system is fully compatible with the Counter-App and the Connfair event platform and can be expanded at any time.


With the public interfaces (APIs), for example, the current occupancy rate can be displayed on a homepage to save your customers unnecessary journeys.


How quickly can the system be implemented?

The system is ready for immediate use and can be easily put into operation via plug&play. If the variant with WiFi or network connection has been selected, an internet connection must be provided

While the Entry-Light is on its way to you, you can already start counting people reliably with the Counter-App and get to know the system. As soon as the Entry-Light is set up, the digital assistant takes over. 

What is the Admintool for?

The Admintool is the central web interface to manage and configure your location, users and devices. There you always have an overview of your location, can create new locations and have insight on the current occupancy. Further functions are:

  • Monitoring of all Entry-Lights of your location
  • Historical analyses of the captured data
  • Adding and removing of users and their rights
  • Adjust the configuration of your location

The Admintool is constantly being developed and new functions are added. Features planned for the short term include alerting in case of device failure, extended statistics and evaluations as well as various notifications via e-mail or app.

What do I have to bear in mind when setting up?

The Entry-Light requires a power connection within a radius of 5 meters and an internet connection. If the LTE variant has been selected, ensure that network coverage is available (All-Net SIM card). Otherwise a network or WiFi connection is required.

To ensure reliable counting, it is important to ensure separation during passage. The recommended passage width is between 0.80 - 1.20 metres, whereby the technically maximum possible passage width is 1.50 metres. In addition, the Entry-Light should be placed on firm, stable ground. Depending on the application, a fixed installation can increase the counting stability. 

Due to the double-sided sensors, there are a wide range of possible applications. The device can be placed on the left or right side or in the middle. When used in the middle, the detection of persons is ensured on the left and right side of the device. The device configuration can be adjusted dynamically without restarting the device.

Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about the system or its setup.

What happens if the light turns red?

The maximum number of people is configured in the admin tool. As soon as the occupancy rate reaches 100%, the Entry-Light switches to red and the people are informed that the location is fully occupied. In addition, an acoustic warning signal can be activated, which sounds if people ignore the signal and pass the Entry-Light even though it is red.

As soon as enough people have left the location and the capacity utilization is below 100% again, the Entry-Light immediately turns green and more people can enter the location.

What if I have more than one entry/exit?

Since the Entry-Light does not manage data locally, but synchronizes it with the cloud, multiple devices can work together easily. This means that multiple entrances and exits can be covered. In addition, the system can be extended by the Counter-App if, for example, an additional side entrance is only opened on weekends during peak load and the purchase of an additional Entry-Light is not worthwhile.

Where can I find the statistics?

Current evaluations of the utilization and the remaining free capacities can be viewed directly in the Counter-App. Additional analyses of historical data are available in the Admintool. This way, the times with the highest number of visitors can be identified and employees can be scheduled accordingly. In addition, the configuration of your locations can also be made in the Admintool and, for example, the number of permitted persons can be set.

Can I grant read-only access to a user?

The sophisticated authorization system enables a very granular rights management. You decide whether a user has access to all data and can, for example, invite additional people, or whether the external security staff can count people with the Counter-App, but cannot adjust the configured maximum number for your location. If you need further individual roles, we will be happy to create them for you.

How can I test the system?

You are still unsure and would like to test our Entry-Light system first? The Entry-Lights and Counter-App are based on the same cloud system. Therefore you can test the system behind it with the Counter-App without waiting time. If you then purchase an Entry-Light, the previous data will be retained and no additional costs will be incurred. Install the Counter-App now and get started right away.

Additionally, you can find a step-by-step-guide for the installation of the Counter App here .

Do you have further questions or would you like to order?